13. March

Mini raw raspberry cheesecakes

We recommend you try out these delicious little raw cheesecakes made by Clemmie who share her passion for food at her website The little food Atlas

With the recent cold weather we’ve had, that’s plummeted England into arctic conditions, thanks to the ‘Beast From The East’, there’s been plenty of reasons to stay inside. The advantages of this, of course, have been that I’ve had lots of time on my hands for baking and recipe testing! So I’m definitely not complaining…

I haven’t made a new recipe in a while, so it’s actually been pretty nice to get back in the kitchen and get creative.

I decided to try another freezer no bake creation as this seemed fitting with the cold weather outside, and would also be perfect for when the warmer weather starts to arrive… which I hope will be soon!

I’ve partnered with Isey Skyr to make these little treats, to show you how you can incorporate their delicious dairy products into meals beyond just breakfast. The recipe is very straightforward and definitely doesn’t require much skill, just patience while you wait for it to set in the freezer! As it’s a no bake recipe, it’s also a good one to do with kids and if you’re wanting to boost calcium in their diet, this is one of the great things that Isey Skyr offers as it’s made with 3-4 times more milk than typical yoghurt products you find on the market.

Isey Skyr is produced in Iceland, a country I have always wanted to visit with its beautiful glaciers, blue lagoons, fresh fish and local produce. As well as its food scene and geographical attractiveness, the nordic culture and way of life are also something I’m a big fan of, so hopefully one day I’ll make the trip over there!

While Isey Skyr is produced in the ‘land of fire and ice’, it is, however, available in UK supermarkets like Waitrose and Aldi. (You can find out where you can buy it here)

There’s several flavours available including blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. It’s entirely up to you which flavour you go for when making the cheesecakes as I tried both the blueberry and the strawberry flavour, and they both worked a treat!

It’s deliciously creamy in texture while also being a great source of protein, calcium and vitamins and it’s also fat free! So arguably these cheesecakes are a healthy snack, so what are you waiting for- get cooking! (Recipe below)

*Post in collaboration with Isey Skyr, but opinions & recipe, as usual, are my own 🙂



MAKES 10-12


1 tub of Isey Skyr (flavour of choice)

1.5 cups of walnuts & almonds (unsalted)

4-5 pitted dates

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp honey

1 cup of raspberries

Blueberries (optional)


Line a muffin tray with silicone cupcake cases & grease with a little bit of coconut oil or butter.
Next make the base for the cheesecakes by blending together the nuts, dates, coconut oil and honey in a blender until the mixture is quite fine. Add a bit of the mixture into each of the silicone cases & pat down firmly. Pop in the freezer for about 15mins. Then add a layer of Skyr on top of each of the bases and return to the freezer or 1hr. Then mash up the raspberries using a fork until they become more of a puree. You can add a tsp of honey or syrup if you like it sweeter. Add the raspberry puree to each of the cheesecakes and pop them back in the freezer to set. Store in the freezer but remove about 20mins before serving. (You can decorate them with some blueberries too to make them look that little bit prettier!)

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